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Groupon: You Can’t Afford It

Why Deep Discounts are Bad for Business

Groupon—Why Deep Discounts are Bad for Business

The explosive growth of deal-a-day giants like Groupon has led some small businesses to think that Groupon and its clones are the way to save their business during these tough economic times.

These deal-a-day businesses can sometimes deliver thousands of customers and a sudden influx of business, but at what cost? While anecdotal success stories abound, the horror stories are mounting as well.

That’s why I took an in-depth look at what makes up one of these deals, using new research studies, case studies from Groupon customers, and dozens of sources to build a defense for the business owner, department manager or CEO.

You will get 13 ways to build your business without Groupons that can really improve your profitability, including:

  • Web strategies
  • Social media tricks
  • The one place to use a paid ad
  • Videos
  • How to use customer lists,
  • Joint venture advertising
  • How to communicate with your loyal customers
  • And more…

What People Are Saying

This book clearly lays out the dangers and quantitative data about how Groupon is bad for business and bad for customers and will help you understand the hidden danger of dancing that particular dance. Before you fall prey to the Groupon craze, read this eBook first and then decide if your business is worth it.

–Hans Masing, Kindle reviewer

Bob understands that if you use a coupon to attract a customer, you will have to use [coupons] to keep them and this strategy kills real long-term value for the business and eventually the customer, as well. If you are a business owner and thinking of using Groupon or another Groupon clone, you owe it to yourself and your business to read Bob’s book first. I guarantee you this will be the best money you ever invested in helping you better understand how not to market your business.

–Jeffrey Summers, President of RestaurantWorx

What You’ll Get

This book examines the group-discounting phenomenon based on facts and includes statistics and a simple ROI breakdown that shows definitely that discounting doesn’t work.

Again, after systematically building the case why this is so dangerous, I share what can help your business large or small revitalize their sales.

And the book includes a free bonus, the sales process chapter from my popular book from Wiley & Sons, The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business.

Groupon: Why Deep Discounts are Bad for Business

If you’re thinking about offering a deal-a-day promotion from LivingSocial, Groupon or their online clones and giving thousands of dollars away, you owe it to yourself to be informed of their risks to your business and bottom line.

Groupon: Why Deep Discounts are Bad for Business

55 page eBook with bonus chapter(PDF format)

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